Join The Padel Craze: Find the Best Padel Racquet!

Padel is a dynamic and engaging sport that has captivated over 25 million enthusiasts worldwide, including a rapidly growing base in South Africa. Its appeal, stemming from a blend of tennis and squash, offers a unique racket-game experience that caters to players of all skill levels. Whether you're navigating Johannesburg's bustling streets or Cape Town's breathtaking landscapes, you'll undoubtedly notice the unmistakable padel craze. This guide is your compass to navigate  the best padel rackets. We want to equip you with the right gear to enjoy this thrilling sport.

The History of Padel

Originating in the sunny courts of Acapulco in 1969, padel has evolved from Enrique Corcuera's backyard invention into a global phenomenon. With roots deeply planted in Spain, thanks to the efforts of a visionary Spanish prince, the sport has flourished over decades, establishing a dedicated professional circuit. Its introduction to South Africa in late 2020 marked a new chapter of exponential growth, signalling the burgeoning popularity of padel in the nation.

What is Padel?

Defined by its smaller court size and the unique combination of tennis and squash elements, padel stands out for its accessibility and social nature. Africa Padel's CEO, James Baber, highlights the sport's inclusivity, allowing individuals with varied skill levels to partake and enjoy it. The blend of strategy, physicality, and communal spirit makes padel an attractive option for those seeking an engaging and social sporting activity.

The Right Padel Racket for You

Sure, padel is exciting, but it gets better when you have the best padel racket. First, not all players are the same. Which is why at The Athlete’s Foot, we have a padel racket reserved for every player, ranging from the lightest padel racket designed for swift, precision play to the more robust models catering to power and control. Understanding your play style is key. Here's a breakdown of what to consider:

To find the best padel racket, seek a racket that offers a balance between control and power, suitable for your skill level and playing style. The vast array of rackets available are there to cater to different players, from beginners to seasoned players. We have the perfect match for you.

Want speed and agility? Then try our lightest padel racket, which prioritises pace and flexibility. The lightest models at The Athlete’s Foot provide an excellent choice. These padel rackets provide players with reaction time and comfort, making them ideal for padel gamers who value finesse over brute force.

Then you get  speed motion padel racquets, which are engineered for players looking to add velocity to their game. These rackets combine lightweight materials with aerodynamic designs. They are ideal for those looking to dominate the court with rapid movements and swift strikes.

What padel racket to buy? 

The answer is simple and straight-forward: consider your level of play, your physical attributes, and your tactical approach. Beginners may benefit from a more forgiving racket that emphasises control, while advanced players might go for rackets that offer precise targeting and power. Are you still not sure? Then  contact The Athlete’s Foot or visit our store located at V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, to get more insightful advice. 

Padel Craze Is The New Social Sport

Beyond the physicality and thrill of competition, padel thrives on its social aspect. The community around padel is welcoming! Grab your pals and hit up the nearest padel court in Johannesburg or Cape Town. It's a cool way to challenge each other in a game, and you can always chill and catch up over drinks and bites at the little restaurant or bar right there. This communal spirit is a testament to the sport's appeal, where friendships are forged and strengthened on and off the court. So gear up, find the best padel racket at The Athelete’s Foot, and head out to make new friends. The expansion of padel in South Africa is a reflection of its global ascent. With courts sprouting across the nation and the adoption of convenient booking apps like Playtomic, accessing the game has never been easier. The sport's infrastructure continues to grow, promising more opportunities for enthusiasts to engage with this captivating sport.


As padel cements its place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts in South Africa and beyond, We’ve made it easy to find the perfect racket  with our guide, which is a pivotal step in joining the padel community. At The Athlete’s Foot we have a wide range of rackets from the lightest racket for agility to a speed-motion model for that competitive edge. The right choice can transform your game play and boost your enjoyment of this exhilarating sport. Read more on Daily Maverick blog title  The Padel Craze That’s Taking South Africa by storm with the ideal racket in hand, and discover the joy and friendship that this exciting sport offers.

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