Refresh Your Look: Best Mens Sports Clothes

Being active is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and it's even better when you can look good while doing it! Quality sports clothing not only makes your workouts more comfortable but also boosts your self-esteem, whether you're at the gym, running track, or on the basketball court. At The Athlete's Foot, we have carefully chosen the  best men's sports clothes that combine fashion, functionality, and luxury.

Jackets for Every Runner

Whether you're out running in the morning or evening, having the proper gear can greatly improve your jogging experience. Our selection of  men's jackets is designed to meet the various requirements of runners, providing comfort, protection, and fashion all in one.

  • New Balance men's graphic impact run packable: This jacket is light in weight and can be conveniently stored, making it great for runners who appreciate flexibility. The colourful graphic design also improves visibility during runs in low-light conditions.
  • Asics men's core: With its breathable fabric, this jacket helps you stay dry and comfortable throughout your run. The light blue colour increases visibility, adding a layer of safety during dusk or dawn runs.
  • Asics men's Accelerate light jacket: Designed for speed, this ultra-light jacket minimises drag to help you move faster, making it a great choice for competitive runners.
  • Asics Men's FujiTrail waterproof jacket: This jacket is tailored for trail runners. It’s waterproof to withstand changing weather and comes in bright colours to ensure high visibility in nature.
  • On men's crew neck: Though primarily a crew neck, this piece is suitable for runners who prefer simplicity. The undyed material is soft, making it comfortable for prolonged wear.
  • New Balance men's graphic impact run packable jacket: Easy to carry and stylish, this heritage blue jacket is both functional and fashionable, perfect for runners who are always on the move.

Each jacket is designed to meet the unique demands of running, combining functional benefits with stylish designs to keep you comfortable, protected, and looking good, regardless of the weather or time of day.

Exercise Tops That Keep You Moving

T-shirts and tanks that restrict movement belong in the past. Our range ofmen's exercise tops is crafted with freedom of movement in mind, featuring fabrics that stretch with your body, allowing you to achieve your full range of motion without any discomfort. Additionally, our tops are made with moisture-wicking materials that help keep sweat away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your workout. Upgrade your workout wardrobe here.

New Balance

  • Men's impact run singlet, sulphur yellow: Ideal for runners, this lightweight and breathable singlet allows for excellent mobility and comfort during long runs.
  • Men's Tenacity Quarter Zip Mountain Teal: This versatile quarter zip is perfect for adjustable coverage and is made with stretchy fabric that moves with you and keeps you cool.


  • Men's Core Top, Island Blue/Perfume Black: A sleek, performance-oriented top designed to keep you cool and dry with its moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Men's seamless ss top, ocean haze/foggy teal, features a seamless design to minimise chafing and discomfort during extended workouts.


  • Men's running speedwick singlet: Designed for maximum breathability and moisture management, this singlet is perfect for maintaining comfort on the run.
  • Men's FujiTrail logo ss top, perf black/antique red/neon lime: Tailored for trail running, this top offers both standout style and durable, moisture-wicking fabric to handle outdoor conditions.

Each top is designed with specific athletic needs in mind, ensuring that no matter your sport or style preference, you're equipped with gear that supports peak performance and comfort.

Pants and Shorts for Ultimate Comfort

The foundation of any good workout outfit is a solid pair of pants or shorts. Our collection includes options that are perfect for any activity, from yoga to weight lifting to running. Look for features like elastic waistbands, adjustable drawstrings, and zippered pockets to keep your essentials safe while you're on the move. Lightweight, durable, and designed for peak performance, our  men’s pants and shorts are what every athlete needs. Find your fit here.

Conclusion: Why Choose The Athlete's Foot?

Here at The Athlete's Foot, we are dedicated to offering a diverse and versatile selection for today's athletes. Our men's sports clothing collection is meticulously curated to embody quality, style, and top athletic performance. We prioritise providing apparel that caters to your active lifestyle, guaranteeing that each product we offer is among the finest on the market.

Come explore our wide range of products to enhance your style and accompany you on your fitness adventure. At The Athlete's Foot, upgrading your performance has never been more stylish.

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