Wilson Elite V2 Padel Rkt L2

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Fernando Belasteguin (Bela) has made it known that he is obsessed with the sport, and this Bela Pro V2 is his Padel racket of choice.

Day in and day out, the great Fernando Belasteguin has dedicated his life to becoming one of the greatest ever and he’s helped co-design this Bela Pro Padel racket that can satisfy every aspiring player’s dreams. Even the smallest details of the padel, like the SpinEffect signature texture and the pure red finish on the frame, represent Bela and his thoughts on how to reach the top.

The Diamond shape, EVA hard rubber and Carbon Fibre face ensure maximum power in all of your attacking play. 

Shape Diamond
Surface Rough
Surface Material Carbon Fibre 3K
Frame Material Carbon Fibre
Core EVA Hard Rubber
Weight 370 grams 
Balance High