Men's Vapor Track Spike

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Size: UK10
Color: Navy/Black

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The Vapor Sprints are the best value for money high performance spike on the track. We’ve added everything you need and kept off anything you don’t. 

These ultra-lightweight sprint spikes really bite into the track, giving you an explosive start and supreme traction. The lightweight uppers offer targeted support to claw you around corners at pace. 

Best For:  100m, 200m, 400m, hurdles, long jump, high jump. 

Colour: Navy/Black


  • Ultra Lightweight 
  • Supportive uppers for improved cornering
  • High heel support for improved comfort
  • Excellent value for money. 
  • Weight: 180gm

    Fit: The Vapors are snug and feel like a second skin. Supportive through the midfoot. 

Why so cheap – what’s the catch?

We are able to bring you top quality shoes at such a good price because we are a local, South African born & bred sports footwear company. This means that:

  • We do not pay royalties to any international company or individual.
  • We don’t have to pay a sourcing fee overseas like other shoe brands. 
  • We don’t pay mega-star individuals or teams to endorse our products. We choose to support local athletes. 
  • We are not paying inflated import duties. 

The above expenses are all paid by almost all the big running shoe brands available in SA (and paid in USD or Euros), and these fees push up the price well beyond what the shoe and is materials actually cost. The bottom line is that South African’s are paying too much for shoes. 

Our products are proudly South African, designed in Cape Town and the R&D is done by local athletes.

Even more reason to support local – we do!

OUR CHALLENGE TO YOU: Try the blind test

Take out your three best pairs of spikes, mix in a pair of Vapor Sprints and have someone blind fold you. We challenge you to pick your favourite pair based on feeling alone.