The importance of having good running shoes: What difference does a good pair of running shoes make?

The importance of having good running shoes: What difference does a good pair of running shoes make?

Running is one of the best forms of exercise because it aids in strengthening muscles and improving cardio. However, running can be quite demanding on the body. This can be reduced if the correct gear is worn when running, specifically running shoes. 

When our feet strike the ground when we run, the impact travels from our feet, up toward our spine. If the wrong shoes are worn, pain and discomfort can be felt throughout the body.

In this blog, we’re going to look at the importance of having good running and how they impact your health. 

The necessity of running shoes 

Running shoes are essential when running because they are the only protective measure that safeguards your feet from getting injured. It’s important to note that although running shoes protect the feet when running, they can only do this if the correct running shoes are worn.

Each pair of shoes you own serves a unique function or purpose. For example, the sandals that you wear to the beach are not intended to be worn when running. Likewise, your running shoes are meant to be used when running because they have specific purposes that other shoes cannot. 

The correct pair of shoes will reduce pain and inflammation in the joints and the body as a whole. The correct pair of running shoes should feel like an extension of your feet, not obscure or uncomfortable. 

How running shoes make a difference 

The reason why people keep going back to purchase running shoes is that they do in fact make a difference. Running shoes are made to fit snugly around your feet to help with motion control and flexibility. The structure of a running shoe helps to ensure proper support when running as well as reducing the likelihood of joint pain and strain. The cushioning in a pair of running shoes helps to lessen the impact of the feet when they hit the ground. Overall, a pair of running shoes are designed to serve multiple purposes which is why they make a massive difference when running.

Running in non-running shoes

People do frequently run in non-running shoes such as Converse, Vans, or fashion sneakers. It’s not recommended that people run in these types of shoes as they are flat-soled shoes. Running in these types of shoes can cause injuries and strain. The reason why you should run in the correct running shoes is that your gait is taken into account and you will have a more comfortable and enjoyable run. 

Running shoes for other activities 

It’s important to compare the differences between running shoes and non-running shoes. Running shoes are built for speed and faster movements whereas non-running shoes (like sneakers) are made for stability and aesthetics. With that being said, running shoes are suitable for walking because they provide stability and motion control. Wearing your running shoes daily for everyday tasks will wear down your running shoes faster which will make them less effective in providing a comfortable run. 


Our feet play an important role in absorbing the shock when our feet hit the ground when we run. It’s important that we protect our feet when running and the best way to do this is with a good pair of running shoes that meets your needs and requirements. If you don’t run with the correct running shoes then injury and strain will occur. This is why running shoes are essential and why they play a massive role in how your run and your overall performance.

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