Navigating Wet Runs: A Cape Town Runners Guide

Navigating Wet Runs: A Cape Town Runners Guide

Running in the rain can be energising, refreshing, and fun but also a bit difficult. To make it fun and easier, here are a few factors to consider while running in the rain. The fan in the exercise is how the rain cools you as you run so you don't sweat and don't get exhausted easily compared to a dry run.

Things to Consider in Wet Run

Dress appropriately:

It is necessary to dress in clothes that don't penetrate water that will weigh you or clothes that dry up faster. You ought to dress in the right rain attire for the weather but don't overdress so you are not too heavily dressed for the run. You also have to have the rightrunning shoes. Waterproof shoes have protruding treads and grip the ground thus safer. Examples of such shoes include; Salomon Speedcross 5 Gore-Tex, New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 GTX, New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail v2 GTX, and Hoka Speedgoat 5. These shoes are more comfortable and safer for wet runs. Also, wear a hat with a brim that will prevent water from entering your face and interfering with your vision. Gloves are also a perfect accompaniment for a wet run. Consider wearing lightweight, moisture-wicking gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

Warm-up indoors:

Wet running can be a threat to the body system. It is therefore necessary for one to do some exercise before leaving for a wet run. This will activate the body and psyche you up for the big fun ahead which is mixed with cooling rain.Also having the right trail running shoes is good to help keep the body temperature in.

Warming up indoors before a wet run is essential to prepare your muscles and joints for the activity and reduce the risk of injury. Here's why warming up is important and how you can effectively warm up before heading out into the rain:

Importance of Warming Up:

  1. Increased Blood Flow: Warming up increases blood flow to your muscles, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients they need for optimal performance.
  2. Improved Muscle Elasticity: Warm muscles are more flexible and less prone to strains or injuries.
  3. Enhanced Range of Motion: Warming up gradually increases your joint mobility, making your movements smoother and more efficient.
  4. Mental Preparation: Warming up mentally prepares you for the workout, allowing you to focus on your form and technique.

Taking smaller steps:

Running in the rain is likely to be slippery so it's necessary to take shorter and more frequent strides. This will give you more control and prevent you from slipping or falling.

Stay visible:

Rain can make visibility an issue, so one must wear visible clothing to prevent being injured by other runners or vehicles. It is a good idea to wear reflective clothing and accessories. Also carrying a headlamp or a spotlight is a good idea.

Embrace the rain:

It is more fun running in the rain when you let out your inner child and choose to have fun. Doing things like singing in the rain and splashing in puddles can make the experience even more fun. You can visit your nearestrunning store and make sure you get the right shoe for running in the rain.

Don't run in thunder:

The fun of running in the rain is not worth risking being struck by thunder. In the presence of thunder, it is better to stay and run indoors. Thunder normally strikes the tallest object in the field so it's not safe to run when there's thunder. 

Protect your electronic equipment:

Make sure to store your electronics in a waterproof bag or leave them at home. If you are wearing a watch, be sure to check it's not affected by water, and if it can be affected by water place it in the waterproof carrier.

Prevent chafing:

To prevent chafing, it's important to minimise friction by wearing appropriate clothing, using anti-chafing products, and taking other preventive measures. If chafing does occur, keeping the area clean and dry, applying soothing creams or ointments, and giving the skin time to heal without further irritation are recommended steps.

Dry yourself after the run:

After the run, remove the wet clothes and warm yourself to prevent it from being chilly. Also, dry your shoes to prevent them from being damaged.


In a nutshell, running in the rain is meant to be all fun and bring out the inner child in you. As much as it is all fun, it also involves dangers and injuries if proper caution is not in place. It is, therefore, necessary to follow the above considerations to navigate running in the rain successfully and safely. Getting the right running shoes like theNew balance South Africa is the best to start from. Visit a store near you and kickstart your running in the rain with a new running shoe.

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