Female Runners with Larger Feet

For many years I succumbed to black and lost toe nails. Stupidly! I would continuously buy ladies UK size 9 trainers and a) think the neat fit was perfect and b) I couldn’t get a size bigger anyway. Until it dawned on me that I should rather be buying mens trainers. Yes the mens trainers tend to be slightly boring blues and black but sizing usually goes up to UK size 14 or more! Women are drawn towards the ladies section full of pinks and baby blues without actually thinking about their feet. Although ladies trainers tend not to be just ’shrink it and pink it’. Mens trainers tend to be slightly wider than ladies, for the same length, and a mens size 9 is larger than a ladies size 9. Ladies trainers usually have a lighter and softer midsole than the men’s version, as ladies are generally smaller and lighter, so the shoe sustains less impact on foot strike. Also women generally have wider hips than men so have wider Q-angles, which causes them to pronate more and require extra support in the shoe. So there can be significant differences between men’s and women’s models but this shouldn’t prevent people from finding the perfect fit. Some companies now sell gender neutral trainers, to suit and fit everybody. I now happily wear men’s UK size 9.5 trainers and haven’t had a black toenail or lost toenail for over 5 years.

NB Don’t just buy a pair of trainers because you like the colour or they are the correct size. Make sure they suit your feet and style of running:
(Be sure to ask your specialist the following questions or research what would work best for you)

  • What heel to toe drop do you need?
  • Do you heel strike or are you a mid foot runner?
  • Do you need some stability?
  • Do you pronate?

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