Guide To Tennis Shoes For Men

Sometimes, you can't help but wonder, How does Kevin Anderson, a renowned professional tennis player in South Africa, master the court? Of course, with rigorous training and relentless practice, there's a lesser-discussed secret to his success: the right tennis shoes. Indeed, Anderson himself might agree that the perfect  tennis shoes for men contribute most to his success; most tennis footwear promotes comfort on the court. Whether you're executing volleys on hard courts or crafting slices on clay, know that the footwear you choose does influence your performance. Our guide aims to navigate through the maze of options available, helping you find your ideal pair by considering factors like court surfaces, playing styles, and foot shape. Sometimes running shoes are mistaken for tennis shoes, so let’s differentiate the two. With the right insights, we’ve made selecting tennis shoes much easier for you.

Tennis Shoes vs. Running Shoes

It's a common query among tennis novices: Can tennis shoes be used as running shoes? The answer lies in three aspects: design, cushion, and grip. Tennis involves a lot of lateral movements, unlike the linear motion of running. Tennis shoes are crafted with lateral stability in mind, providing the support needed for side-to-side movements and offering enhanced durability, particularly on hard courts. Let’s discuss each aspect, starting with design.

Running shoes are designed to go one way: forward. They generally contain cushioning in the heel and forefoot to reduce stress in high-impact regions while also returning energy to drive you forward. Running shoes have a flexible forefoot to help you push off with each stride, but the midfoot is tight to avoid excessive movement. Conversely, tennis shoes provide higher lateral stability. Consider side-to-side motions, like floating back and forth over the baseline. Tennis shoes often feature a lower stack height and heel-to-toe offset, allowing players to feel closer to the court. Tennis shoes that are lower to the court give additional lateral stability.

This is why tennis shoes place less emphasis on cushioning than running shoes. Speaking of cushioning, running shoes usually have more cushioning than tennis shoes. This is due to the repetitive forward motion this activity involves. More cushioning improves shock absorption, protecting your joints from impact and keeping you injury-free. Tennis shoes prioritise lateral support and traction above large quantities of cushioning.

Men’s tennis shoes often have a more robust outsole than running shoes. This grip is designed to withstand the extreme stress that players apply to their shoes as they stop, start, and slide around the court. They are also designed for various and particular surfaces, like hard courts, clay, and grass.

Choosing The Right Tennis Shoes For Men: Court Type Matters

  • Hard Courts

These surfaces demand shoes with durable outsoles and a modified herringbone pattern to balance grip and flexibility. Many options are available, from lightweight designs for speed to sturdy models for stability, with some brands even offering a six-month outsole guarantee.

  • Clay Courts

Shoes for clay courts typically feature a full herringbone tread pattern, keeping clay out and allowing better grip for quick movements and direction changes. These shoes often have a tighter knit upper for added stability and to prevent clay from getting inside.

  • Grass Courts

On the softer, faster grass courts, shoes with nubs or pimples provide essential grip without damaging the surface. While less common, proper grass tennis court shoes are vital for comfort and speed on this slippery surface.

If you are not sure about your size, here are some simple steps to get it right: trace your foot on a piece of paper, measure the length and width, and compare it with size charts. Remember, the right fit will boost your performance and comfort.

Top Picks for Stylish and Functional Tennis Shoes for Men

At The Athlete's, we have noticed a surge when it comes to combining style with functionality; there are several options.

  •  Men's New Balance tennis shoes Known for their balance between comfort and performance, they are a great choice for players looking for durability and style.
  • Popular men's tennis shoe brands like Adidas and Nike continually innovate to provide options that cater to every type of player, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.
  •  Asics tennis shoes for men are perfect for those who value classic style without compromising on court performance.
  • Stylish men’s tennis shoes with modern designs meet technical performance, offering a range of options that look as good as they perform.


Can running shoes be used as tennis shoes? Although you can just remember the outlined differences, The right tennis shoes are a blend of understanding your play style, court preference, and prioritising comfort and fit. With this guide, men can find the perfect pair to elevate their game, ensuring they perform their best while looking great on the court. Remember, the right pair of tennis shoes is a game-changer, providing the support, stability, and speed needed to ace your way to victory. Contact The Athlete’s Foot today to get your ideal pair!

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